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Roundtable Archives

Explore the history of the NU Tech Roundtable series—a cornerstone of Nagoya University's technology outreach in collaboration with NU Tech. These gatherings unite researchers, startups, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders from RTP's universities and companies.

Focused on showcasing cutting-edge technologies from Nagoya University and North Carolina's academic institutions, the inaugural Roundtable began in October 2010, centered on Plant/Agriculture technology.

Visit our archive to rediscover past discussions and pioneering innovations.

Jan, 2024

The 14th RoundtableSustainable Ag BioTech

Jan, 2023

The 13th RoundtableDigital & Engineering Ag Tech

May, 2021

The 12th Roundtable
Informatics for the design of innovative electronic materials: semiconductors and multicrystalline/ electro-optical material

Nov. 2020

The 11th Roundtable
NexGen Platform Technology for Accelerated Drug Disc

Nov. 2019

The 10th RoundtableAgBiotech

Oct. 2018

The 9th RoundtableAgBiotech

Sep. 2017

The 8th RoundtableAgBiotech

Nov. 2016

The 7th RoundtableAgBiotech


The 6th Roundtable ― Biomedical Engineering


The 5th RoundtableAgBiotech

Oct. 2013

The 4th RoundtableCrop Science & Biotechnology

Oct. 2012

The 3rd Roundtable ― Diagnostics Molecular Therapeutics

Oct. 2011

The 2nd RoundtableRegenerative Medicine

Oct. 2010

The 1st RoundtableAgBiotech
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