Study Abroad Opportunities at Nagoya University

Nagoya University offers a variety of opportunities for foreign students to study in Japan.  More than 2100 international students from nearly 100 countries attend Nagoya University each year. If you would like further information about studying at Nagoya University, please Contact us.

G30 Program for Graduate Students (Global 30 International Program)

Programs offered as part of Nagoya University's Global 30 International Programs in STEM and Non-STEM areas.  Graduate programs in Nagoya University are research-based and all programs are offered in English at graduate level.  It is very important to know your research topic and find the professors who share the same interests before applying to Nagoya University.

Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUPACE)

NUPACE is a four to twelve-month student exchange program, through which international students from partner institutions are given the opportunity to study at NU.  The program aims to forge friendships that extend beyond borders, broader international views through education, and motivate overseas students to pursue more extensive studies with regard to Japan.  The NUPACE academic year runs from late September to August of the following year. Students are offered a choice of two admission periods:  late September or early April.

Nagoya University Program for Academic Exchange (NUSIP)

The summer NUSIP program at Nagoya University will provide students with a rare opportunity to connect with and play a role in automobile technology for six weeks.  The NUSIP program offers academic credit towards student engineering degrees.  Beyond the core curriculum, students may further supplement their practical know-how with enrichment as they are exposed to the authentic environment of an automobile factory and research center.  A Japanese language course is also offered.

Nagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP)

NUSTEP is an intensive two-week program to provide practical Japanese language skills.  Students will gain a better understanding of Japanese culture and society, not only by learning Japanese from excellent professional instructors, but also through a wide range of curricula such as traditional Japanese culture experiences, homestays, company visits and exchanges with local students.  In addition, through class audits and lab tours, you can enjoy real-life experiences in excellent education and class research activities at Nagoya University.  A certificate will be issued at the completion of this program.

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