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Nagoya University


Nagoya University (NU) is a national university located in Nagoya, Japan. NU originally established as a medical school in 1871. In 1939 it became Nagoya Imperial University. In 1947 it was renamed Nagoya University, and became a Japanese national university. NU is the 3rd highest ranked higher education institution in Japan (90th worldwide). NU is also one of the top research institutions in Japan. According to Thomson Reuters, NU is the 99th most innovative University in the world. NU’s research standard is especially high in Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, and Biology & Biochemistry. As of 2019, six Nobel Prize winners have been associated with NU. In 2020, the first university system in Japan, Tokai National Higher Education and Research System (THERS),  was established through the merger of NU and Gifu University. Currently, NU and Gifu University are governed by THERS.

NU Tech


Technology Partnership of Nagoya University, Inc. (NU Tech), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in North Carolina by Nagoya University (NU) in 2007.  NU Tech promotes technology transfer between NU and US companies primarily in the life sciences, facilitates research collaborations between NU and US universities, recruits US students who study at NU, and serves US alumni of NU.


NU Friends in the States

Nagoya University Friends in the States (NU Friends) is a networking organization and provides alumni and other friends opportunities to fasten a lifelong networking. NU Friends also supports NU students and young researchers through fundraising activities. NU Tech serves NU Friends as its secretariat. 

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