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Nagoya University Friends in the States
About NU Friend Fund
Nagoya University in the States rises funds to support...

(1) All Nagoya University students affected by COVID-19, limited time only in 2020 and 2021.

(2) Nagoya University students to study in the States.

(3) Nagoya University young researchers to engage in research activities at/with U.S. universities.

Your kind donation, tax deductible, will make a huge difference on college lives of these young talents at Nagoya University. We sincerely appreciate your support.

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Students Testimonial
Student Testimonial

Motoyasu Kanazawa (Ryugaku Academy 2019)

I’ve experienced a great university life in NCSU during this program. I realized how narrow world view I had and how immature my English was. As expected before my departure, I had difficulties in speaking and listening English in my ESL classes and when I talked with many natives. However, this is the best souvenir for me in the U.S. because I would never have a chance to learn “native” English in Japan.

In addition to language skills, I found American culture, tradition, and customs. Even going for a walk or having meal were filled with discoveries. Many things like the width of the road, the size of foods, or the characters of Americans were stimulating to me. Moreover, I visited to some sites, such as science and historical museums, factory visit, and some volunteer works. All of them were worth visiting for me to extend my site.

NU Tech staffs helped my stay a lot and made my stay more satisfying. For example, they made our schedule, took me to interesting spots as described above, and set valuable experiences for us. My stay in NCSU, supported by them, made me motivated and ambitious and now I’m planning to study in other part of the world. They made me confident, so I really appreciate NU Tech staffs.

MK (First person from the left)


Ryoka Sasayama (Ryugaku Academy 2019)

Through this program, I had a great chance to think of my life. I have wanted to go to United States since I was in high school. Though I was interested in one-year exchange program, I also wanted to study my own field, therefore, this program made it possible to do both my own study and going abroad at the same time.

From this experience, I realized how important communication is. Whenever I wanted someone to do something, I had to use English in United States at that time. I could not make my English understood at first and felt nervous, however, everyone tried to listen to me and understand what I was saying. Thanks to their help, I felt comfortable to use English and spend a wonderful time with them; I learned communication is not only to use language but also positive attitude.

Finally, I would like to communicate with foreign people in Japan by using this experience. I believe I won’t forget this excellent time.


Ami Sasaki (Ryugaku Academy 2018)

Through this program, I got confidence to live abroad and motivation to study English for studying abroad as an exchange student. I have wanted to study abroad since I was in a junior high school and have been studying English to realize the dream. In America, my English was understood, I made friends with many people, and chatted with shop clerks and drivers of UBER. I felt my effort have had a meaning and got confidence to live abroad. However, at the same time, I felt difficulty of studying specialty in English keenly thanks to class audit program. I am going to study in Sweden for one year from next summer making NCSU program a stepping stone. I will keep studying English and my specialty in order to make foreign exchange fulfilling experience.


Mio Ishiguro (Ryugaku Academy 2018)

During 3 weeks’ of Ryugaku-academy program, I had wonderful experiences of American campus life via auditing class at NC States University and moving around the campus by bus. I really appreciate program coordinators that planned program to meet our wishes and took care of our health condition throughout the program. I think this experience not only broadened my views through America life, but also made me realize fine Japanese delicacy in all respects. In addition to the improvement of my English skill, this program made me grow in many aspects in acting actively and thinking from various perspectives. (Originally written in Japanese. Translated by NU Tech staff)


Ryosuke Watanabe (Ryugaku Academy 2016)

I have participated in language training in North Carolina in my first year (Thanks to Mr. Koyama), Global Professional Program at Monash University in my second year, and study abroad program at Singapore Management University in my third year of university.  What I have gained from study abroad is not only language skills, but also a culture that appealed to practical knowledge and my senses based on management.

“Maybe I will never forget about Nagoya University, who supported me” and I hope I can meet graduates living in the USA someday. 


Hirofumi Amada (NUPACE 2018-2019)

My one-year exchange studies at NC State University brought me a fresh and wonderful experience I have never had before. For example, during discussion classes, unexpected opinions jumped out and conflicted due to the cultural differences. However, once I have listened carefully and repeatedly to their opinions, I felt that some of them were convincing and that it would become my new knowledge and values. Through my great experiences, after graduating Nagoya University, I would like to go on my graduate study in the USA. As I continue to challenge various things, I would like to appreciate your generous supports.

(Originally written in Japanese. Translated by NU Tech staff)

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