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Available Technologies



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A-57 .    Ultra-Stable, High Speed Single Living Cells Separation System

Recent progress in biotechnology and nano-technology has enabled single cell sorting. To analyze these single cell characteristics, it is necessary to isolate a single cell from the original population to eliminate influences of other cells.

A-58 .    On-Chip Pumps Achieve High-accuracy, Ultra-high-speed Sorting of a Single Cell

To sort a single cell with high speed, high accuracy and high viability, the researchers developed a single cell sorting device by utilizing on-chip pump at ultra-high-speed.

A-72 .    Novel Microfluidics Platform that can Distinguish Various Microbes

Nagoya University researchers have successfully developed a new system to distinguish various biomolecules including polystyrene nanoparticles (volume: 4 aL), bacteria, cancer cells, and DNA molecules from mixed samples by utilizing a long microscale microfluidic channel structure. 

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