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Dr. Noritaka USAMI, Ph.D.


Graduate School of Engineering

Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability

Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics

Nagoya University



Doctor of Engineering        The University of Tokyo


Master of Engineering        The University of Tokyo


Bachelor of Engineering     The University of Tokyo

Work Experience

2013 -                                                 Professor

Nagoya University                            Graduate School of Engineering

2018 - 2020                                       Senior Science and Technology Policy Fellow

Government of Japan                       Cabinet Office

2000 - 2013                                       Associate Professor

Tohoku University                             Institute for Materials Research

1998 - 1999                                        Visiting Researcher

Technische Universität Dresden      Institüt für Angewandte Photophysik

1994 - 2000                                       Research Associate

The University of Tokyo                    Photonic Materials, Research Center

                                                            for Advanced Science and Technology


2018    Silicon PV Award

2017    Innovative PV award         JSPS 175th committee on innovative photovoltaic  power generation system

2012    Best poster award             The 38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference

2009    The best paper award      The 19th international photovoltaic scientific

                                                        engineering conference and exhibition (PVSEC-19)

Selected Publications

Application of Bayesian optimization for improved passivation performance in TiOx/SiOy/c-Si heterostructure by hydrogen plasma treatment

S. Miyagawa, K. Gotoh, K. Kutsukake, Y. Kurokawa, and N. Usami

Applied Physics Express 14, 025503 (2021)

Propagation of Crystal Defects During Directional Solidification of Silicon via Induction of Functional Defects

P. Krenckel, Y. Hayama, F. Schindler, T. Trötschler, S. Riepe, N. Usami

Crystals 11, 90 (2021)

Determination of carrier recombination velocity at inclined grain boundaries in multicrystalline silicon through photoluminescence imaging and carrier simulation

K. Mitamura, K. Kutsukake, T. Kojima, and N. Usami

Journal of Applied Physics 128, 125103 (2020)

3D visualization of growth interfaces in cast Si ingot using inclusions distribution

S. Kamibeppu, P. Krenckel, T. Trötschler, A. Hess, S. Riepe, and N. Usami

Journal of Crystal Growth 535, 125535 (2020)

3D visualization and analysis of dislocation clusters in multicrystalline silicon ingot by approach of data science

Y. Hayama, T. Matsumoto, T. Muramatsu, K. Kutsukake, H. Kudo, and N. Usami

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 189, 239 (2019)

A full list of publications can be found here

545 articles with 8,001 citations (As of 9 April, 2021)

Hirsch-index 45

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