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Roundtable Goes Virtual and Drug Discovery

After successfully having hosted ten NU Tech Roundtable technology showcase events at Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina since 2010, Nagoya University and Technology Partnership of Nagoya University, Inc., Nagoya University’s strategic arm in the States, will host a virtual Roundtable for its 11th installment this fall. The new virtual Roundtable can address broader audience beyond RTP and beyond AgBiotech, which is the RTP’s largest industry sector and which has been a major topic of the last ten NU Tech Roundtables. This fall the virtual Roundtable focuses on NextGen platform technologies for accelerated drug discovery, including disruptive startups from Nagoya University.







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Date and Time

For Japan attendees

November 11th

7:00 AM (JST)

For the US attendees

November 10th

5:00 PM (EST)

2:00 PM (PST)

For Europe attendees

November 10th

11:00 PM (CET)


Keynote Speech

"Trusted AI for Accelerating Scientific Discovery"

Dr. Payel Das

Principal Research Staff Member and Manager, Trusted AI, IBM Research, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Adjunct Associate Professor, Applied Physics and Applied Math Department Columbia University



Technology Presentation

"Highly Efficient Amide Bond Formation Using Micro-Flow Technology"

Dr. Shinichiro Fuse


Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya University




"Antibody Therapeutic Development from Patients’ Autoantibodies"

Dr. Shoji Ohuchi

Chief Scientific Officer

iBody Inc.


"Introduction of the NU based Rare-variant analysis Platform for drug discovery"

Dr. Tomoyuki Yamada

CEO, Rarevariant Inc.




"Innovative new drug discovery: global industry-academia collaboration"

Dr. Hyi-Man Park

Director, Discovery Research, RaQualia Pharma Inc.

Designated Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (RIeM), Nagoya University


17:00 EST  Opening                    Dr. Hidekazu Hiroaki, Nagoya University

17:05 EST  Keynote                    Dr. Payel Das

17:20 EST  Presentation 1        Dr. Shinichiro Fuse

17:40 EST  Presentation 2        Dr. Shoji Ohuchi

18:00 EST  Presentation 3        Dr. Tomoyuki Yamada

18:20 EST  Presentation 4        Dr. Hyi-Man Park

18:40 EST  Closing/Wrap up    Mr. Tomohisa Koyama, NU Tech

18:45 EST  Adjourn



NU Tech

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