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Dr. Joe Gage

Assistant Professor

Laboratory of Crop Science

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, North Carolina State University


Joe Gage did his PhD at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, studying quantitative genetics, high throughput phenotyping, and plant breeding. Following this, he was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University working on regulation of gene expression, pangenomics, and novel phenotyping modalities. He has been a professor at NCSU since 2022, where his group focuses on linking crop genomics and phenomics to understand how to develop more resilient and productive crop varieties. Current projects include studying how sequence variation controls gene regulation; how gene regulation contributes to genotype-by-environment interactions; and novel methods for processing and interpreting high throughput phenotyping data.​

Interactions and natural variation driving gene expression patterns

How does natural sequence variation impact gene expression? How do patterns of gene expression change over time and space? My group is interested in both of these questions. In this presentation, I will showcase a number of projects ongoing or recently completed by my group. These projects utilize natural variation in maize to learn about modes of gene regulation as well as genotype-by-environment and genotype-by-time interactions that we hypothesize are important drivers of adaptation to existing and changing climates.


Selected Publication

  • The effect of artificial selection on phenotypic plasticity in maize [Link]

  • Variation in upstream open reading frames contributes to allelic diversity in maize protein abundance [Link]

  • A Maize Practical Haplotype Graph Leverages Diverse NAM Assemblies [Link]

  • In-Field Whole-Plant Maize Architecture Characterized by Subcanopy Rovers and Latent Space Phenotyping [Link]

  • Selection Signatures Underlying Dramatic Male Inflorescence Transformation During Modern Hybrid Maize Breeding [Link]


Full list of Publication

- Google Scholar

- Official Website

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