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Dr. Noritaka USAMI, Ph.D.

Professor, Nagoya University

Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability

Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics Innovative Devices Section



PhD in Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan 

Work Experience

2010 -                                               

Nagoya University     Professor   


2004 - 2010                                       

Nagoya University     Associate Professor               

1999 - 2004                                       

Tohoku University     Assistant Professor    

Selected Publications

Adaptive process control for crystal growth using machine learning for high-speed prediction: application to SiC solution growth
Y Dang, C Zhu, M Ikumi, M Takaishi, W Yu, W Huang, X Liu, K Kutsukake, S Harada, M Tagawa, T Ujihara  
CrystEngComm 23 (9), 1982-1990 (2021)

High-speed prediction of computational fluid dynamics simulation in crystal growth

Y Tsunooka, N Kokubo, G Hatasa, S Harada, M Tagawa, T Ujihara
CrystEngComm 20 (41), 6546-6550(2019)

Two-step SiC solution growth for dislocation reduction

K Murayama, T Hori, S Harada, S Xiao, M Tagawa, T Ujihara
Journal of Crystal Growth 468, 874-878(2017)

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