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名古屋大学米国フレンズ レセプションのお知らせ
名大米国事務所(NU Tech)のあるNorth Carolina州 Research Triangle Parkでも、日が短くなり、朝夕、冷え込むようになって参りました。
前回同様、San Franciscoにて、来たる1月11日(土)に下記の通り開催致します。
日時:                2020年1月11日(土)17:00-20:30
場所:                Holiday Inn &Suites, San Mateo-San Francisco Airport
     330 N Bayshore Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94401(Google Map)
     Tel: 650-344-3219
会費:                35ドル
      なお、当日ホテルでの受付も行いますが、事前登録をして下さった方々には、        名大ロゴ入りのTote Bag、その他の名大グッズを用意させて頂きます。
San Franciscoにて皆様にお会いできることを心より、楽しみにしております。
名古屋大学米国事務所(名大米国フレンズ事務局一同) 拝
Nagoya University Friends in the States Annual Reception 2020
Hope you are all well!
We are happy to announce that we will host NU Friends in the States Annual reception again in San Francisco on Saturday, January 11th2020. Though it might be a busy time in the new year, we really hope everyone can make it to the reception to say hello to the fellow friends. Dr. Shogo Kimura, Trustee and Vice President of Nagoya University, will also join. Not only NU alumni but also their partners, those who are from Nagoya, and those who have family members associated with NU are all welcome from our heart.
Date:              Saturday January 11th 2020
Time:             17:00 to 20:30
Venue:           Holiday Inn &Suites, San Mateo-San Francisco Airport
        330 N Bayshore Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94401 (Google Map)
        Tel: 650-344-3219
Fee:                $35 (Please click the button below)
Registration: Please register at this link.
 Those who registered in advance will get Nagoya University novelty goods, including NU  tote  bag.
We all are looking forward to seeing you at the reception in San Francisco on Saturday January 11th 2020!!
NU Tech (Secretariat of NU Friends in the State)  
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