Available Technologies



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A-01     Hand Incubator

Realizing that the suppression of hand swelling can inhibit both the development and progression of diseases, researchers at Nagoya University have invented the Hand Incubator.

A-02     3-D Universal External Fixator

A novel external fixator that researchers at Nagoya University have developed has completely changed the traditional concept of cross-pin fixation.

A-07     Fusion of Virtual and Real Endoscopic Images

New diagnosis support system has been developed using large area view of virtual unfolded inner wall of large intestine generated from patient 3D CT images together with virtual endoscopy.


A-38     Oxidative Stress Evaluating Device

Researchers at Nagoya University have developed a novel device to evaluate oxidative stress from blood samples.


A-44     Real Time Liver Monitoring Device to Prevent Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury

To minimize bleeding, liver surgery is performed under ischemia conditions with periodical reperfusion.

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