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The Short Study Abroad Program "Ryugaku Academy 2024 Spring"


This spring, fifteen Nagoya University undergraduate students participated in the 3-week program at NC State University. Though shorter than the 5-week summer program, students had an intensive experience with English classes, extracurricular activities, and interactions with the Japan Club at NC State.


Notable highlights included lectures by Consul General Miou Maeda of the Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta and Mr. Hiroto Yamamoto, a Nagoya University alumni, which helped students reflect on their careers and increased their interest in more extended study abroad opportunities. In addition, making new friendships with fellow Nagoya University and NC State students was an invaluable part of the experience.


This is an excellent way for young students to gain global exposure, enhance language skills, and develop personally/professionally in a supportive environment. We are confident that programs like this can have a lasting positive impact.


We appreciate everyone involved in organizing and facilitating this enriching short-term study abroad program.

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