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North Carolina State University – Nagoya University

Research Collaboration Seed Grants 2024

Call for Proposals

Application deadline: 18:00 EDT on Sunday, July 7, 2024

Program Guidelines



The partnership between North Carolina State University (NC State) and Nagoya University (NU) will mark its 40th anniversary in March 2025 as the first academic exchange agreement was signed in 1985. To celebrate this longstanding relationship and to facilitate research collaborations among the researchers of the two institutions, NC State and NU are now accepting proposals for the Joint NC State-NU Research Collaboration Seed Grant Program. The grants will support seed projects that have a great potential for a long-term collaboration with significant socio-academic impacts.


Research Collaboration Seed Grants are designed to spur new research collaboration, with the expectation that the projects will lead to a more substantive engagement beyond the funded period.

This Seed Grant opportunity aims to achieve the followings

  • To facilitate high quality and long-term research collaboration between NC State and NU researchers in the areas of strategic importance, as outlined under the section, “Areas of Research Focus”

  • To publish high-quality joint research papers

  • To submit external funding applications to continue the collaborative project beyond AY2024 that this Seed Grant Program will support


Permanent, tenured or tenure track faculty or research professionals at NC State University and faculty and research professionals at Nagoya University may apply.



Up to two collaborative projects will be selected. For each of the two projects, funding of up to 10,000 USD by NC State and 1,000,000 JPY by NU will be made available to the respective awardees.  Planned expenditures should be in line with the financial policies of each institution.

Funding will support travel and subsistence costs associated with researchers spending time at the partner institution. The funds should not be used to cover staff salaries, nor should it be used to pay for the lab facilities of the partner institution. Applicants are encouraged to extend an opportunity for participation to young researchers and PhD students.


Based on the strategic goals of NC State and NU, this opportunity is focused on projects from the following areas:

Human and life science: Neuroscience; Behavioral science; Text linguistics; Chemistry; Plant/Animal biology

Material science: Quantum state control; Semi-conductor; Low-temp plasma

Universe and earth science: Physics; Astro/Space science; Earth science


Applicants are strongly encouraged to take an interdisciplinary approach beyond their own research areas or disciplines.


The project should complete by June 30, 2025, and a joint final report should be submitted within one month after the formal completion date. Please note that the funds must be spent by the end of the fiscal year of each institution—that is, by March 31, 2025, for NU and by June 30, 2025, for NC State.

Application Process

Please complete and submit the online application form the application button below and upload all supporting documents. Proposals will be reviewed at NC State and NU with notification of award decision in late July.


The deadline for submitting applications is 18:00 EDT on Sunday, July 7, 2024

Proposal Content: 

  1. Areas of Research Focus, Project Description, and Project Implementation. Describe your project, the roles and strengths of each collaborator, and the objectives of the collaboration. If applicable, elaborate the interdisciplinary components of your project. Outline a plan for implementation of your project and explain how the proposed activities align with the goals of the RFP.

  2. Outcomes and Impact. Describe the anticipated outputs and outcomes of the project. Include any impacts to NC State and NU as well as relevant regional and/or global impacts of the proposed work.

  3. Budget Justification. Describe how the requested funds will be used to accomplish your goals.

  4. Sustainability. Describe any plans to sustain the project beyond the grant period, such as a plan to obtain external funds.

  5. Biosketch (2 pages maximum) of each applicant, including education, professional appointments, synergistic activities relevant to this grant application, and up to ten (10) publications related to this research or scholarship

  6. Budget sheet that includes expenditures at each institution (1 page)


Proposals may include collaborative activities such as*:

  • Workshops, guest lectures, and seminars on multidisciplinary research areas with global impact

  • Video-conference seminars

  • Development of joint industry-research collaborations with global impact

  • Delivery of joint publications or other scholarly output

  • Collection of preliminary data to strengthen a full proposal to an external funding agency

  • Creation and support of joint resources such as websites, research collaboration sites, or other social networking tools to facilitate the dissemination of results



Proposals that meet the stated eligibility requirements** will initially be evaluated by review panels independently at each institution. A joint selection committee consisting of representatives from NC State University and Nagoya University will meet and make the final decision for awards, based on the considerations of the evaluations by each institution. The criteria for consideration will involve the extent to which each proposal:


Project Description (25 pts)

  • Seeks to address a research problem of global importance

  • Addresses research and innovation priority areas of each institution

Outcomes & Impact (25 pts)

  • Brings together complementary expertise or interdisciplinary approaches from the two institutions including commitment from appropriately qualified researchers

  • Extent of clear and measurable objectives and focus on the achievement of concrete outcomes and results, including*

    • high impact publications

    • student and staff exchanges for training and research

  • translation and commercialisation measures and external funding

Project Implementation (20 pts)

  • Has a clear plan for implementation

  • Explains how the project activities align with the goals of the RFP

Sustainability (20 pts)

  • Extent of plan for sustaining the collaboration beyond the starter grant period, including*

    • applications for and award of external funding, including grants and fellowships

    • industry engagement and contracts

    • “higher degree by research” graduate student recruitment

    • post-doctoral fellow recruitment

Budget Justification (10 pts)

  • Has a clearly articulated and justified budget

*The above lists are indicative and not intended to be comprehensive.

**Proposals missing any of the required supporting documentation (i.e., budget, biosketch, and signature pages) will be deemed incomplete and not put forth to the review committee for consideration.



Funded researchers are required to submit a joint final report within one month after the conclusion of the project. The report should include:

  • A brief summary of the activities undertaken

  • Project outcomes and achievements, including key findings and a brief assessment by the lead researcher on the impact (positive and negative) on their research

  • Future plans and next steps

  • Actual expenditure against the approved budget



Sunday, July 7, 2024 (18:00 EDT)   Deadline for Applications

Late July, 2024   Announcement of Decisions

Monday, March 31, 2025   Last day for NU awardees to use the funds

Sunday, June 30, 2025   Last day for NC State awardees to use the funds

Within one month after the project’s completion date   Submission of a joint final report



NC State University

NAME, Affiliation, Job Title, 

Nagoya University

Noriko Morisue

Academic Specialist

Nagoya University Global Campus at NC State University

1017 Main Campus Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606

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