Regenerative Medicine Roundtable:
A Great Success!

Regenerative Medicine Roundtable(RMR), held on October 6nd at The North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC), was a huge success, drawing more than 110 participants, including researchers from academia, business executives, and entrepreneurs. Six cutting edge technologies were presented by the researchers form Nagoya University, Wake Forest University, and UNC Chapel Hill, in addition to the keynote speech by Dr. Tim Bertram, Chief Science Officer of Tengion, Inc., a world wide leader in the field of regenerative medicine. All presentations were followed by questions from an actively engaged audience. The NCBC was crowded with participants networking and socializing with others from early in the morning until after lunchtime, including meetings between faculty presenters and industries interested in possible collaboration. RMR greatly helped NU Tech strengthen its network  and develop the contacts among both academia and industries in the field. By following up each inquiry and suggestion at Regenerative Medicine Roundtable, NU Tech will keep working to promote Nagoya University’s cutting edge technologies in the field.  



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