Date: October 22, 2010
Time: 7:30 AM - 1:30 PM


The goal of the AgBiotech Industry Roundtable is to strengthen industry/university collaborations and to provide insight to university researchers and business representatives from agriculture/biotechnology companies on how to foster greater innovation and economic development impact.



   7:30 AM   Registration and Continental Breakfast

   8:30 AM   Opening Remarks

                        Gwyn Riddick, VP, AgBiotech Initiative, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

   8:40 AM   R&D Investment and Collaboration Strategies

                        David Russell, Ph.D., Director of Prospecting, Monsanto Company

                        Brian Vande Berg, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Bayer CropScience

   9:20 AM   Technology Presentations

                        Germ-Responsive Promoter for Plant

                        Development of Versatile and Eco-Friendly RNA Pesticide

                        Inhibition of Biofilms in Living Plants

                        Peptide Aptamers that Bind to the Rep Proteins of ssDNA Viruses

10:20 AM   Coffee Break (Poster Session)

10:40 AM   R&D Investment and Collaboration Strategies

                       Simon Warner, Ph.D., Director, Technology Evaluation, Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. 

                       Genichi Kakefuda, Ph.D., Sr. Research Project Manager, BASF Plant Science, LLC

 11:20 AM  Technology Presentations

                       Novel Production of a Flightless Ladybird Beetle for Biological Pest Control

                       Application of TOF-SIMS to Wood Chemistry

                       Biotechnology-Based Approaches Toward Harm Reduction in Tobacco

                       Bioactive Plant Compounds for Human Health

12:20 PM  Closing Remarks

                       Masahiro Abe, Professor, Director, International Technology Transfer

                       Nagoya University

                       Terri L. Lomax, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

                       North Carolina State University

12:30 PM  Lunch Reception (Networking and Poster Session)

  • Researchers at universities and research institutions
  • Managements and researchers at start-ups in AgBiotech related fields in RTP
  • Business representatives at international, domestic or local AgBitech companies


(Researchers and Managements)

  • Networking with external researchers and business professionals under the same interests
  • Enhancing the commercialization potential via partnerships

(Business representative)

  • Promoting company’s business interests among distinguished research communities in RTP
  • Reaching to potential collaboration partners under company’s specific research interests
  • commercialization by both parties.