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A U.S. Technology Transfer Arm for Nagoya University, Japan

Technology Partnership of Nagoya University, Inc, (NU Tech) promotes tech transfer and research collaboration between US partners and Nagoya University, mainly focusing on Life Sicence and Biotech in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.


Nagoya University: Home to Six Nobel Prizes

Nagoya University (NU), home to six Nobel Prizes and Blue LED, is an elite educational hub in central Japan. Originally established as a temporary hospital and medical school in 1871, NU has been playing various key roles in Japan’s education and research scenes. According to world university ranking, NU ranked top 100 in the world and top20 in Asia.                          .

Currently NU has 14 graduate schools and nine undergraduate schools, in additions to three Research Institutions and 18 Research Centers. Over 16,000 full time students study and work with 1,500 full time faculty members and 1,700 staffs. NU accepts nearly 1,800 international students from all over the world.